"Character, not circumstances, makes the man"
-Dr. Booker T. Washington

A.C.E is an independent Black Owned Educational Services Company


National Science Board Report American Assoc. of Medical Colleges 
• Minorities earn 16% of STEM Bachelor Degrees.
• Minorities earn 11% of STEM Master Degrees.
• Minorities earn 5% of STEM Doctorate Degrees.
• 7% enrolled are African-American.
• 8% enrolled are Hispanic.
2009 CT Commiss. on Educational Achievement report:
• CT has greatest achievement gap in the country.
• In CT, low-income students lag behind 30 points on average their non-low-income counterparts.
• In CT, African-American and Hispanic students lag behind 30 points on average their European-American counterparts.


Joan E. Higginbotham

Joan received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 1987, and a Masters of Management Science (1992) and Masters in Space Systems (1996) both from the Florida Institute of Technology. She is the third African-American woman to go into space, after Mae Jemison and Stephanie Wilson.