"It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men"
-Frederick Douglass

A.C.E is an independent Black Owned Educational Services Company

Achievers Continuously Exploring (A.C.E.) is built on the idea that all African-American and Latinx students can academically achieve at a high level if inspired, guided, and supported by educators that believe in them, create environments of high standards, and hold themselves to high expectations. In the spirit of W.E.B. Du Bois, George Washington Carver, Anna Arnold Hedgeman, and the Freedom Schools of the 1960's we believe that Black and Brown students do not need "integration" to achieve excellence. Just EQUITY. Our system and services help students become avid learners that will make a local and global impact as future professionals. 

Data continues to show that these students are not getting support and guidance when they show an interest during their formative years in traditional PWI educational institutions. A.C.E. Youth Project seeks to eliminate the "Exposure and Expectation Gap" by providing support services, systems, and strategies that guide, inspire, and develop the next generation of professionals who will have a direct impact in our country’s future by being contributors in various fields.



About us

At A.C.E. Youth Project, Inc. we believe that all students have the ability to be inspired, to learn, and to be set on a path to be global leaders who make a local impact...


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